Would you participate in a clinical trial of a vaccine?


30 January 2023


Would you participate in a clinical trial of a vaccine?

Survey on participation in the VACCELERATE study of the COVID-19 vaccine

Three years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine research has grown at an unprecedented rate. Although established COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be effective in preventing serious disease and mortality, key questions are still unanswered. Only clinical trials with vaccines can answer these questions. However, researchers face difficulties in conducting these studies, especially in finding sufficient numbers of volunteers. Reluctance to participate in clinical trials delays these much-needed answers.

The aim of this survey is to identify the main barriers and motivators to participation in studies of COVID-19 or other vaccines among European adults. The survey consists of a ten-minute anonymous online questionnaire. Participants will be asked to select factors that would motivate them to participate in COVID-19/non-COVID-19 vaccine studies, as well as questions about their interest in participating in other clinical trials.

To participate in the survey, click on this link.

VACCELERATE is an academic pan-European platform that is accelerating Phase II and III clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine development in Europe. In order to determine which factors may influence individuals’ interest in participating in clinical trials, VACCELERATE is launching an anonymous online survey to determine the public’s willingness to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials in EU and EU-affiliated countries. The VACCELERATE representatives for the Czech Republic are Prof. Petr Husa, MD, PhD (The University Hospital Brno and Med MUNI) and Assoc. Prof. Regina Demlová, MD, PhD (Med MUNI and CZECRIN).