SAS statistical analysis system became part of the academic programme at MED MUNI


2 February 2023


SAS statistical analysis system became part of the academic programme at MED MUNI

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) become a part of the educational program of the Pharmacology Department of MED MUNI and is taught by Jakub Chalmovianský, MSc and Radka Štěpánová, MSc under the guidance of Adam Svobodník, PhD, medical data analyst, who deals with the data and biostatistics agenda within CZECRIN.

SAS provides an integrated system of software products for working with data. Through innovative analytical techniques and artificial intelligence, it enables users worldwide to transform data into intelligence.

Masaryk University established cooperation with SAS at the end of last year. The pilot certification testing in SAS Base Programming was held at the university with the participation of SAS proctor Jiri Mohout. All students successfully passed the certification, in one case even with 100 % success rate.

The opportunity to obtain an internationally valid certificate of SAS skills while studying at the university is a very useful addition to the courses in which this software is taught. “We are very pleased that Masaryk University is one of the schools that has taken this initiative. Collaboration with universities is very close to SAS because our software was developed on university grounds (North Carolina State University) and the link with practice has been in our corporate DNA since our beginning in the 1970 s,” says Katarína Krausová, SAS Academic Programs Manager for Central Europe.

The SAS Academic Program supports education and research at colleges and universities. It offers teachers and students easy access to a complete range of software and tools to extract information from large amounts of data.