CZECRIN, is a distributed large research infrastructure  acting as a network of the universities and university hospitals covering all of Czech Republic, connects a Czech expert capacities with foreign infrastructures by realizing research projects.


CZECRIN is the national node of ECRIN-ERIC (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network). CZECRIN is also a National Coordination Unit (NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PARTNER), which provides a reassuring basis/ background for European Correspondents ECRIN-ERIC, who are a direct link to ECRIN-ERIC. This ensures an effective and efficient liaison between clinically-oriented research infrastructures in the Czech Republic associated in CZECRIN with the research and application sphere in Europe and successful participation in pan-European projects implemented by multinational/transnational consortia. The Czech Republic is a member of ECRIN-ERIC through CZECRIN and part of the ESFRI Roadmap.

Partner Institutions


CTU Network covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic, including most universities and university hospitals. Represents a contact and support units network connecting clinical workplaces with other networks and CZECRIN capacities.

CTU Network is coordinated by the CZECRIN partner – St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno and primarily participates in activities related to direct access to patients (subjects of clinical trials) – ensuring optimal recruitment of subjects for clinical trials. CTU Network participates in solving clinical trial projects’ specific activities with LRI CZECRIN through the clinical research coordinator, which defines researchers’ basic needs in the Czech Republic. CTU Network works closely with DONets – enabling fast and efficient transfer of innovations and at the same time successful implementation of projects in the clinical environment.

Member Institutions

Disease oriented network

Disease-oriented Networks’ expertise validates new scientific ideas and hypotheses generated by clinical experts in clinical trials, thus improving patient treatment outcomes. These specialized networks focused on a specific diagnosis or field connecting experts and workplaces throughout the Czech Republic and enable the effective, successful implementation of non-commercial clinical trials, including nationwide and international projects. The networks associated in DONet share the CZECRIN support and professional capacities and cooperates closely with other networks. The cooperation of the networks associated in DONet and the CTU / CTC or ECRIN-ERIC networks creates a powerful instrument enabling a close connection between clinical experts postulating scientific hypotheses and their subsequent clinical evaluation  in/through clinical studies on a national and/or international scale. Priority fields with a dedicated network currently include personalized clinical trials in oncology, pediatric indications, rare diseases, stroke, infectious diseases, and clinical trials with advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). CZECRIN plans to enhance cooperation within diseases such as cardiology, pneumology, hemato-oncology, perinatology, psychiatry and psychopharmacology or epileptology in upcoming years.

Phase I Units Network

Phase 1 clinical trial is the first phase in which a newly developed drug is administered to a human (first-in-humans). Phase 1 trials are designed to test the safety, side effects, maximum-tolerated dose and drug pharmacokinetic parameters. The primary goal of phase I is not yet to verify efficacy. The aim is to prove that the drug being developed cannot cause serious harm to anyone. Phase I trials most often include healthy volunteers and is a crucial phase for further clinical research. The evaluation takes place under strictly controlled conditions and in specialized phase 1 units with full medical support. These units enable early phase clinical trials in full compliance with all legislative requirements, compliance with Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) and international standards.