VACCELERATE Research Network and Volunteer Register Call

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21 November, 2022


VACCELERATE Research Network and Volunteer Register Call

The European network VACCELERATE is calling for volunteers to participate in clinical trials. The motto for the volunteer registry is: “Be the missing piece of the puzzle. Together we can tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.” The register is now approaching 50,000 participants.

VACCELERATE (European Corona Vaccine Trial Accelerator Platform) has been in existence since spring 2021. Masaryk University is a partner through its research infrastructure CZECRIN. It is involved in the implementation of phase II and III vaccine trials against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The representatives for the Czech Republic are Prof. Petr Husa, MD., PhD (Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Brno University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Brno) and Assoc. Prof. Regina Demlová, MD., Ph.D. (Head of the Institute of Pharmacology, LF MU and principal investigator of the CZECRIN).

Information and links to the individual clinical trials and important values of the project can be found in the newsletter published in September this year.