The Journey of a Drug – Seminar for high school students


31 October, 2022


The Journey of a Drug - Seminar for high school students

The Institute of Pharmacology organized an educational seminar for high school students under the patronage of the Junior Academy of LF MU. The topic of the seminar was “The Journey of a Drug”, which is related to the research focus of the Institute of Pharmacology and the research infrastructure CZECRIN.

The programme included theory explaining the different stages of research and development of new drugs and a separate practical part. In the theoretical part, students attended lectures that gave them a complete picture of what types of drugs exist and the most common methods to discover them. They learned about preclinical research, pharmacovigilance and the principles of pricing a new drug.

In the practical part of the programme, students played an escape game on the topic of clinical trials.  The aim of the game was to find the lost professor of pharmacology. During the process of the search, the students learned the different phases of clinical trials and how to enrol patients in these trials.

“Thanks to the positive feedback, we plan to offer further dates of the seminar to other high school students” adds the seminar’s guarantor PharmD. Lenka Součková, PharmD, Ph.D.

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