Logostory: Who is CZECRIN


16 February 2021

Logostory: Who is CZECRIN

Each logo carries its promoter’s story, and a few strokes and colours often hide rich symbolism. The meaning of the CZECRIN logo is divided into several levels and can be interpreted in various ways. Anyone who seeks CZECRIN or part of it can log in to find his story.

Basically, the logo shows the affiliation of CZECRIN and ECRIN-ERIC. CZECRIN is an integral part of ECRIN-ERIC, its Czech branch and is formed jointly by other infrastructures from individual member countries. Without it and other member hubs, ECRIN would not exist, just as individual infrastructures would not exist in their current form without ECRIN. The colour symbolism reflects the tricolour (red and blue on a white background), emphasizing national affiliation and national pride. At the same time, we can perceive blue as Europe and red on a larger scale as the Czech Republic. At the same time, blue is the colour of medicine and thus underlines the cornerstone of infrastructure – medical research.

Human silhouettes refer to ECRIN in their meaning – they express collectiveness, unification, infrastructure and cooperation. However, in their symbolism, together with the colours, they clearly express CZECRIN’s main mission and who CZECRIN is for. Our goal is to support and implement patient-oriented research. This fact is illustrated by the forefront’s silhouette, behind which stands a research team, scientists, doctors, administrative staff and many others who work together on the path to a new drug. Medical research in our application is always about the patient – CZECRIN – … towards patient-oriented medicine.