International Online Meeting ECRIN CTU Day 2022

online meeting

8 December, 2022


International Online Meeting ECRIN CTU Day 2022

The second ECRIN CTU Day 2022, a meeting of national Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) representatives organized by the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN), took place in early December. This was a follow-up to last year’s first pan-European online meeting, with nearly 180 staff from CTU national offices participating this year.

The main topic of the meeting was the exchange of experiences from the first academic multinational clinical trials that have been approved in the European Central Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS). The pitfalls of the transition from the VHP platform to CTIS and the subsequent changes for ongoing multinational trials were discussed. Furthermore, the first year and new activities of ECRIN were recapped.

A special session was dedicated to the introduction of CZECRIN and the German national partner KKSN. Lenka Součková, ECRIN European Correspondent for the Czech Republic, gave a summary presentation of the CZECRIN infrastructure and highlighted its uniqueness based on knowledge and basic technological units (units for the production of investigational products for advanced GMP therapies, national network of clinical trial centers in healthcare facilities (CTU), disease-oriented networks (DON) and units for phase I studies).  She also mentioned the great advantage in its inclusion that allows direct access to knowledge and teaching for students. Finally, she also summarized the vision and challenges for the future period of CZECRIN and its CTUs.