CZECRIN and Home Care in clinical trial  


3 March 2023


CZECRIN and Home Care in clinical trial

A working meeting on the topic “Home care in clinical trials” was held at the premises of SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control) on Wednesday 22 February 2023. Participants included representatives of SÚKL, CZECRIN, AIFP, ACRO, investigating medical specialists and healthcare providers. CZECRIN was represented by its Director, Associate Professor Regina Demlová, together with Doctors Lenka Součková and Jana Unar Vinklerová.  

Home Care in Clinical Trials was discussed in the context of its definition, legislative framework and conditions of provision in an open discussion. Furthermore, there were discussed the topics of qualification of home care providers in the Czech Republic, its description in study documents, contractual framework, ways of ensuring the supply of the evaluated medicine, application of the medicine during the patient visit and others.

The meeting also included sharing of information and experiences from abroad and practical aspects on Home Care implementation in the Czech Republic.