A publication for the REMED study has been published


29 September 2021


A publication for the REMED study has been published

Recently, a summary of the REMED clinical trial protocol was published by BioMed Central, entitled Effect of dexamethasone in patients with ARDS and COVID-19 – prospective, multi-centre, open-label, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial (REMED trial): A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. You can find the full text of the publication on the BioMed Central website.

REMED study

The national, multicentre clinical trial of REMED is carried out by the University Hospital Brno in cooperation with RI CZECRIN and as of 21 September 2021, 142 patients out of the planned 300 patients were enrolled. Patients are included in 7 centers (out of 10 initiated) – Brno University Hospital, FNUSA, Královské Vinohrady University Hospital, Plzeň University Hospital, Ostrava University Hospital, Olomouc University Hospital and Tomas Bata Regional Hospital Zlín. The initiator and coordinator of the REMED clinical trial is the Deputy Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, MUDr. Jan Maláska, Ph.D. from the University Hospital Brno. The primary objective of the study is to test the hypothesis that administration of dexamethasone 20 mg daily is more effective with COVID-19 compared to a daily dose of dexamethasone 6 mg in adult patients with moderate or severe ARDS.