Open lecture: Visualization of scientific data


19 May 2021


Open Lecture: Visualization of scientific data

19 May 2021 | 15:00 – 16:00 | Online (Zoom)
The lesson will be in English. 

Speaker: Assoc. prof. Hendrik Knoche, PhD
Department of Architecture and Media Technology,
Aalborg University, Denmark

Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in ICT, Human-computer interaction and User eXperience
PhD in Computer Science from University College London

The lecture will introduce a framework to think about what data you have (what is the structure and the data types), why you want to visualize it (actions and target), and how to do it (encode and map). It will highlight rules of thumb and common pitfalls and explain how ethics can help in the process of visualization.

Outline of the lecture
Lecture: 60 minutes 
⇛ The what, why, and how of visualization
⇛ Rules of thumb
⇛ Common pitfalls
⇛ Ethics
Questions and discussion: 20 minutes

Who can join?
Both junior and senior researchers, physicians, data scientists, promotion specialists and all others who need to display scientific data or data on stroke care quality for different target audiences are welcome. You will learn how to display data in figures, charts or infographics for your posters, papers, presentations, or any other materials.

Science communication trainings and lectures
In the series of Science communication workshops and lectures, well recognised experts present how to communicate science and scientific data to the public or professional community. These trainings are being held under the auspices and with organisational support of the Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality (IRENE COST Action – CA18118).