Brno, Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine

10 March 2020

CZECRIN Board 2020

The Faculty of Medicine of MU in Brno, as the principal investigator of the CZECRIN project (CZEch Clinical Research Infrastructure Network), hosted the 4th meeting of the CZECRIN BOARD on 10.3.2020.

CZECRIN BOARD discussed and approved the Activity Report for the past period 2016-2019 and the Strategic Plans for 2020-2022, the New Organizational Structure of VVI CZECRIN and the plan of activities for 2020. In link to the Health Strategy 2030 of The Ministry of Health’s and the possibility of national grants, Czecrin board discussed, in particular, the available sources of financing for the implementation of non-commercial clinical studies. There were some key issues raised in the discussions, that have a significant contribution to shifting infrastructure within the European scale and the quality of clinical research. These key issues are primarily the Development of Regulatory Support in the translation of scientific results into clinical applications and the Development of Pharmacoeconomic Studies. These topics will be developed and evaluated at the planned autumn 5th meeting. Other discussed issues were, in particular, questions of methodological support, design of non-commercial clinical trial design and other key issues of implementation of support for academic trials in the Czech Republic.